Tiger Woods Takes a Subtle Shot at Kevin Na For His "Waggle"

Golfer Kevin Na admitted over the weekend he needs to speed things up and pull the trigger (that’s what she said?). His demonstrative waggle was downright ridiculous at the TPC over the weekend, and the slow play from Na (among others) reached a breaking point: Tiger Woods chimed in, without specifically naming Na:

“I think it’s very simple,” he said. “If you get a warning, you get a penalty. I think that would speed it up.”

With the difference between first and second place this week costing $684,000, Woods rejects the Tour’s existing system of fining players between $5,000 and $20,000 for consistent pace of play violations.

“Strokes is money,” he said. “I would take the five grand (fine) over the 800K. That’s one shot. That’s the difference. That’s what people don’t realize – that one shot is so valuable out here.”

Tiger Woods, if you’re curious, finished 40th at the TPC. That’s on the heels of his 40th place finish at the Masters. [Golf Channel; Na Waggle via Paul Pabst]

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