JaVale McGee Pretended to Adopt a Platypus, May Become a Filipino Basketball Player

JaVale McGee is one of the most colorful personalities in the NBA. McGee is a lovable goof with an intense mother and a penchant for head-scratching plays. Two days after being eliminated by the Lakers, McGee tweeted this picture of two platypuses (platypi?), claiming he had “coped a pet platypus.” Is there an animal on this planet that would fit JaVale McGee better?

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a prank. Some news outlets ran with the story, which amused the Nuggets’ big man and also gave him a chance to shake his head at the press for once.

@JaValeMcGee: Media: u guys didn’t check ur sources before writing the story? All u had to do is go to google images…Smh…Sbn…Some others n dc. SHAME

@JaValeMcGee: I can believe I fooled fans into believing I bought some platypus’ but reporters?

#swag indeed.

In other JaVale McGee news, Michigan native JaVale McGee is reportedly on the verge of becoming a naturalized Filipino citizen. Deadspin first pointed out McGee and the Philippines’ mutual interest in October. Now it appears it will happen. This could land McGee – the NBA’s human platypus – in the Olympics, matched up against team USA.

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