NBC Los Angeles Gears Up For a ... Sacramento Kings Playoff Run?

The Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Kings — the L.A. Kings — are all in the midst of playoff runs, an exciting time for the city without a doubt.

Apparently not as exciting for NBC Los Angeles though, at least not for hockey, as they inexplicably slapped a Sacramento Kings logo on the screen during an aptly entitled “Playoff Payoff” story. How does this happen? It’s like a station in New York putting up a Winnipeg Jets logo in lieu of the unruly Jets that actually represent the city, or an affiliate in St. Louis opting for an Arizona Cardinals logo. Yes, they have the same team name with the stark difference being that they play in different cities.

Hockey has come a long way since the lockout, but the sport is clearly still closer to the WNBA when it comes to respect from the media.

[via @LAKings]

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