Presenting the John Tortorella Press Conference Remix

To many of us non-hockey folk, Rangers coach John Tortorella hasn’t been getting his fair share of celebration — at least to the point any of us would actually notice — until this current run the Blueshirts are on. The above video, “Next Question,” is exactly that. It’s a splendid medley of disgruntlement and general dismissiveness from recent press conferences, the perfect summation of what we’ve all come to love about the feisty coach.

To no surprise, Torts kept swinging the hot bat Monday night thanks to the most annoying ringtone the iPhone has to offer. Seriously, how hard is it for one to switch to vibrate knowing they’ll be attending a press conference? It takes roughly three seconds to do so. Poor, poor form. The cell phone in question belongs to sportswriter Jay Greenberg, formerly of the New York Post. Figures.

While Tortorella’s unbridled rage is certainly amusing, it’s almost always justified.

[via Hot Clicks, Puck Daddy]

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