Pro Golfer Catches Record-Setting 56-pound Striped Bass

Until he wins a major, pro golfer Vaughn Taylor will best be known for hauling in this 56-pound, 2-ounce striped bass that is a “Savannah River record for that species.” It broke his landing net, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

About 60 feet from the boat, the tiring fish surfaced and offered Taylor the first glimpse of its head.

“I gasped,” he said. “I almost started to panic.”

Boating the fish, it turned out, was a challenge unto itself.

“I tried to net him, holding the rod on one hand and the net in the other,” he said. “He wouldn’t fit all the way in the net and when I tried to lift it, it bent the handle.”

Eventually, the fish was pulled close to the front of the boat. Taylor lay on his side, holding the rod aloft in his left hand while reaching for the striper with his right hand.

The fish shattered the previous record by 13 pounds. Taylor, who has two PGA Tour wins, needed a bigger cooler. [Augusta Chronicle]


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