Former FSU Linebacker, BOT Member Derrick Brooks Claims Big 12 Approached Florida State

The Florida State fun continues. Former FSU football player and FSU trustee Derrick Brooks told CBS Sports’ Tim Brando it was the Big 12 that initiated talks with Florida State about potentially joining the conference.

From Brando’s radio show:

“It’s no harm in listening to what the pitch is. From our president’s standpoint, he was just attempting to put things out there from his perspective. ‘These are the pros as I see it, and these are the cons as I see it.”

“Hopefully by the Big 12 flirting or courting us it gives the ACC that much more credibility.”

“From my understanding, it is the Big 12 wanting to talk to us.”

Texas AD Deloss Dodds claims there have been no talks between the Big 12 and Florida State. FSU AD Randy Spetman also disputed the notion. He told CBSSports.com: “I don’t know where Derrick got that.”

Reasonable conjecture: There’s a significant faction at Florida State, pleased with neither the ACC nor the new TV deal. There might have been informal talks on some level about hypothetically moving Florida State to the Big 12. Whether that’s Florida State seriously wanting to move to the Big 12, a prelude to demanding a greater share of football revenue (postseason?) from the ACC or an attempt to send smoke signals to Mike Slive at the SEC, has yet to be determined.

In incidental news, Florida State University (the school) is trying to figure out how to replace the $65.8 million in state funding it lost.

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