Usain Bolt Dumped His Girlfriend to Focus on the Olympics (or, because she's white)

Usain Bolt reportedly broke up with fashion designer Lubica Slovak last week so he could focus on the Summer Olympics.

The website Go-Jamaica broke the story last week, and then the Sun picked it up, but added this:

The split follows a race row in Bolt’s homeland of Jamaica, where female fans caused an outcry by criticising him for choosing a white partner. But they received a barrage of abuse after a picture of them kissing was published last month.”

There’s no link to a story about the “race row in Bolt’s homeland” or the “barrage of abuse.” It’s just presented as fact, with no mention of the source. Par for the course with the Sun.

Slovak cryptically tweeted about the split a week ago.

Because you want to see it first!

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