John Tortorella Said 37 Words at His Postgame Press Conference

Rangers coach John Tortorella, to the surprise of no one, was a healing ray of sunshine following his team’s 3-2 loss to the Devils Wednesday night. The brief highlights? When asked if he could talk about the decision to sit Marian Gaborik to start the third, Torts replied “No. No.” But let’s be fair here, the guy has never really been one to opine on personnel decisions. When asked if he felt the effort was enough, the grizzled coach offered up another telling “No.” Got it.

If you had to list the top two items on Tortorella’s hate list, it’s safe to assume “conversation” would sit at the top, with “losing” right underneath.

The only human that’s been able to finagle a smile out of the coach is Pierre McGuire. Perhaps members of the media should begin throwing their questions into a hat and have Pierre read them aloud at press conferences.

Because you want to see it first!

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