PNC Park Security Guard Lost a Finger After Being Assaulted By Fan and Her Family

A PNC Park security guard lost a finger during an altercation with a fan refusing to leave the ballpark on Saturday. Rachel George, 21, was kicked out of the game for smoking in her seat. She, her father and an “unidentified boyfriend” attacked the guard escorting her out.

The boyfriend “assaulted him and ran off.” George “jumped on the guard’s back” and her father, 50, pushed the guard up against a fence where the injury occurred.

“While defending himself, Mr. Risher got his left hand caught on the fence, and when he was pulled by both (defendants) his left middle finger was ripped off at the second knuckle and was hanging by a piece of skin,” Detective Rende wrote in the complaint.

George was not finished. According to police she also “cursed and spit” on a police officer bringing her to a holding cell before kicking him. The officer suffered a right shoulder injury while subduing her, which sent him to the hospital. Charges for George and her father Christopher include “aggravated assault, conspiracy, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.”

[Photo via Presswire]

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