Steve Orsini, the SMU AD Who Just Hired Larry Brown, Has Been Terminated "Effective Immediately"

In a very surprising move, Steve Orsini, the SMU Athletic Director, has been dismissed “effective immediately” by the University. Orsini just retained June Jones with a contract extension, was involved in getting SMU into the Big East, and hired Larry Brown as the men’s basketball coach. In fact, you can read all the glowing things on the official University website, which has yet to be updated.

The school has provided no other indication for the reasoning behind the move, other than this vague statement:

“We thank Steve for his contributions to SMU athletics,” Turner said. “After several discussions over the last few weeks, it became apparent to me that it was necessary to make this change. While we both are committed to the support of our student-athletes and coaches, a unified effort is required for future progress in our athletics programs.”


So commence all the Larry Brown and Craig James jokes now. Larry Brown had him replaced because he wasn’t good enough to make the team. Craig James hired a PR firm to smear him. If it is based on the job performance and not on some private issue that will come to light, then the timing of this is very odd, right after he was given the opportunity to hire a head coach for a major sports program.

[photo via US Presswire]





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