Tiger Woods is Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity Athlete, Tim Tebow Not in Top 100

Forbes published its Celebrity 100 list, using some bizarre quantified metric to determine who is most powerful. There were some people who handle balls for a living. Only two of them were Kardashians (bah-zing!).

Tiger Woods is the top-rated athlete (No. 12 overall) for the 11th straight year. He did this despite being nowhere near dominant at golf, losing some sponsorship deals and pulling in a measly $58 million last year. The next two were NBA stars LeBron James (15) and Kobe Bryant (27).

NFL: Manning (40), Brady (60) – No Tebow. I repeat, no Tebow. This is probably unfair as this poll takes no account of First Take segments or Christian zeal.

Tennis: Federer (31), Nadal (47), Sharapova (71), S. Williams (77), Li Na (87) – (Yawn)

Soccer: Beckham (32), C. Ronaldo (44), Messi (50) – Fair. Ronaldo goes first name only on twitter. When you have 9.7 million followers (most of any athlete), I guess you can get away with that.

Boxing: Pacquiao (33), Mayweather (52) – Just fight already.

Golf: Mickelson (48) He’s “enlisted to design multiple golf courses in China.” Sounds like a pretty sweet racket.

MLB: A-Rod (63) – No Derek Jeter. Apparently, pull among males aged 35-50 in the NYC tri-state area was not a consideration.

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