Utah High School Cheerleader Hazing Incident Included Blindfolds, Condiments and 50 Witnesses

The latest high school hazing incident took place earlier this month in Utah and it involved cheerleaders. Nine cheerleaders were suspended as a result of the incident in which new cheerleaders were invited to a pizza party and then taken to a local park to do cheers blindfolded while they were “doused in ketchup, mustard, flour and pickle juice.” From the Salt Lake Tribune:

The girls then had condiments poured on them, while the older cheerleaders allegedly called them names and swore at them. When their blindfolds were removed, the girls found there were about 50 other students, mostly boys, observing the incident, Corby said. One of the girls, who was allergic to mustard, immediately broke into hives after the initiation, Corby said. She was able to leave the park and receive treatment.The girls were then taken back to the nearby home, and were hosed off in the backyard.

The girls may have been stripped down to their underwear. So it was just like Dazed and Confused, but much more horrible. Let this be a reminder that boys are not the only ones who can be completely fucked up and cruel. [Salt Lake Tribune]

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