ESPN Wants Talent to Avoid Sarcasm, One-Liners and "Attempts at Humor" For 2012 Elections

ESPN has published its guidelines for the 2012 elections. Cliffs Notes: they aren’t obligated to provide equal time to the candidates, though they will try to do so where reasonable. Also, no jokes, you guys.

We should refrain from political editorializing and gratuitous references to the candidates, their campaigns or their political positions. This means no personal attacks or “drive-by” remarks in columns or on-air segments. Approved commentaries on sports-specific issues, or seeking responses from both candidates on relevant news issues, are appropriate. However, sarcasm, one-liners, perceived endorsements, attempts at humor or political criticism should be avoided.

That last part feels like when they tell everyone on an airplane to please sit down, but there’s clearly that one person standing and fussing with his bag in the overhead compartment. Presumably all ESPN platforms includes Grantland?

[Photo via Presswire]

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