SEC and Big 12 Join Forces, Agree to Bowl Matchup

Savvy move by the SEC and Big 12: The two conferences have partnered up to create their own bowl game. With the 4-team playoff coming to college football soon, there’s a new pecking order in the postseason: The Playoff, the Big Ten/Pac-12 (Rose Bowl) and now, the SEC/Big 12 (likely the Cotton Bowl according to CBS Sports, which broke the story). Those will be the most lucrative postseason games, and it won’t be close.

Even if all four playoff participants are from the Big 12/Pac-12/SEC/Big Ten – for sake of argument, let’s say Oklahoma, USC, LSU & Michigan next year – guess what? The next two highest-paying bowl games will also involves teams from those two conferences (Oregon vs. Michigan State? … South Carolina vs. Texas?). And the SEC/Big 12 are calling the shots, too – the bowl game will be played Jan. 1 in Primetime. It’ll be a cash cow for the leagues. Sorry about your luck, Fiesta Bowl.

Which leads to the obvious questions: Hey Florida State, you still want to stay in the ACC? Hey Notre Dame, how long can you hold out? Because if those teams aren’t cracking the playoffs, they’re settling for a lower-tier bowl and passing up big postseason dollars.

SEC, Big 12 agree to bowl matchup; champs will play if not in playoff [CBS Sports]

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