Urban Meyer Committed an NCAA Violation for Telling a Recruit "Good Luck" Before a Game

The Ohio State Athletic Department has committed nearly 50 secondary violations in the last 11 months Рone more silly than the next Рbut Urban Meyer will grab the headlines because you know his name. Doug Lesmerises of the Plain Dealer chronicles why the NCAA is a hot mess, part XXVII:

the rowing coach called a recruit in Germany known to be in 12th grade, only to find out that high school in Germany has 13 grades. That made the recruit impermissible to contact. Violation.

Dock them a scholarship!

According to the OSU violation report, [synchronized swimming coach]¬†Lichter-Witter has “little understanding of social media outlets” and had her granddaughter help her create a Facebook account. The granddaughter, unbeknownst to Lichter-Witter, then sent out several friend requests, including to two prospective recruits.

Lies! Everyone understands Facebook!

A recruit playing paintball with the track team on an official visit was a violation because the recruit was “allowed to demonstrate his athletic ability in the presence of an assistant men’s track and field coach.” An event viewed as entertainment is OK for a recruit. Paintball is not.

I got nothing. No paintball, really?

Let’s cap it with another football violation: “Mike Vrabel also had an NCAA violation for using chewing tobacco on the sidelines. Was turned in on tip line by area health teacher.”

The NCAA is the worst.

Because you want to see it first!

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