Antonio Cromartie's Wife Faked a Suicide Attempt Because She Thought He Was Cheating

Here’s a messed up story involving one of Antonio Cromartie’s baby mommas. Terricka Cason Cromartie, his wife and the mother of one of his children, sent text messages to Cromartie early this morning claiming she had attempted suicide. From the New York Post:

“God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?” and “I cut my wrists. I took those pills.”

Cromartie called the police who went to the home and found his 7-month-pregnant wife and two daughters unharmed.

Terricka confessed she had faked the suicide try because she thought Cromartie — who has 10 kids, including eight with seven other women — was “cheating on her.”

“She stated that she had no intention of going through with the act,” says a police report on the May 6, 2011 incident. “She said she was exercising her First Amendment right to free speech and could say whatever she wanted.”

The children were taken by child protection services and Terricka was taken for psychiatric evaluation.

[New York Post]

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