So, the New James Bond Skyfall Trailer Looks Pretty Awesome

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in November after a four-year hiatus in Skyfall. It’s hard to believe Quantum of Solace came out in 2008. I had just moved to New York, just started writing for this website and could take out a pizza and four pints of beer with impunity. Those were the days…until the economic rot became public.

I enjoy Craig’s interpretation of the role. No one is going to be Connery. Willing to sacrifice about 25-30 percent of the charm for a tortured soul and someone who veritably looks like he kills for a living (not Brosnan). The trailer (of the trailer) is cryptic in a “Next week on Mad Men” sort of way. Though, there appear to be explosions, women and cold English accents. Count me in.

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