Mark Sanchez's Agent Calls Him a "Franchise Quarterback," Takes Shot At Tim Tebow

Well, the circus had already been set up, and with the arrival of some May offseason activities, there was plenty of chatter about Tim Tebow today (he threw two interceptions on back to back passes! in May!). That’s fine, there’s going to be plenty of noise any time he does anything. Background noise, but noise.

Well, Brian Murphy of Athletes First, who represent Mark Sanchez, weighed in after that performance on Twitter and suggests you get popcorn for this circus.

“No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to outperform Tim T., Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete.”

Nice. And unnecessary. He’s definitely got the agent thing working as he gets ready to represent Sanchez as a franchise quarterback. Looks like Brian Murphy’s cutoff for a franchise quarterback is at a passer rating of around 75.

[photo via US Presswire]

Because you want to see it first!

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