Roundup: Phillip Phillips Won American Idol, a Kansas Tornado Wedding Video, & Hal Steinbrenner May Be Looking to Sell the Yankees for $3 Billion

Georgia Salpa … man arrested after taking his zebra and parrot to the bar … heavy girls more likely to get pregnant as teens … a $675,000 fine for downloading music … I got traded to Laredo … magazine gets Pinterest-friendlymummified body found … Aramark stuck between healthy food and food kids want to eat … a “frat house” rescue squad … 9-year-old’s blog shames school into changing food … 2 Chainz was arrested at LaGuardi with brass knuckles … man punches noisy 10 year old at movies … man passes out drunk on sidewalk, people steal all his belongings …

Are the Yankees for sale? A report claims Hal Steinbrenner might be looking to sell the team, possibly for $3 billion. [NYDN]

The New Orleans Times-Picayune may face deep cuts to its staff, and might even cut back publication. Yikes. [NYT]

Danny Granger also thinks the Pacers are soft. [AP]

Who steals golf trophies from country clubs? [Star Ledger]

Some guy named Phillip Phillips won American Idol. Yes, that’s a real name. A real stupid name. [CBS]

Johnny Knox could miss the 2012 season, as he still isn’t recovered from this horrific injury. [Sun-Times]

Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum will work out for everyone! [SI]

Former high school athlete Jordan Thomas lost both his legs in a scuba diving accident in 2005. Today he’s back playing golf and working with his foundation to help get children around the world the prosthetics they need. [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

Lolo Jones is as single as Norman Chad is divorced. [Buzz Feed]

Mexico’s drug war has seen 50,000 deaths. Link contains disturbing image gallery. [The Atlantic]

LAPD gun buy-back program brings in a … rocket launcher. [LA Times]

The recording industry says Limewire owes them over $72 trillion. [A/V Club]

NBC will offer 800 million hours of Olympic coverage. Hmm… that seems high. [Fang’s Bites]

Here’s an interview with Thomas Robinson who feels he deserves to be taken first in the NBA draft. [Hoops World]

Just a slinky on a treadmill. [kottke]


When you get engaged, you simply must ask your wedding planner about the tornado package. It will blow you away. [via @RobDauster]

Corgi causes a house fire after he bites a can of spray paint. These things never go off when you want them to. More information on this trick illusion here.

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