Roy Halladay Bobblehead Sold By MLB Doesn't Look Or Throw Like Roy Halladay

This Roy Halladay bobblehead being sold by Major League Baseball is pretty bad, even by bobble head standards. Can you count the things that are wrong with this bobble head? Phillies blog Zoo With Roy did and they were not impressed. I’ll ignore the face because, well, when does a bobble head’s face look like the actual person? Let’s instead focus on the throwing form of the Bobble Halladay.

With his left leg in the air, he should be throwing with his right hand, except that’s the hand that has the glove. And Roy Halladay isn’t left handed… I suppose he could just be making the most awkward pick-off attempt in baseball history. The only question is, will MLB stop selling this bobble head before or after they make this unorthodox pick-off play illegal?

[via Zoo With Roy]

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