Michelle Beadle Took a Couple More Thinly-Veiled Shots at Erin Andrews

I’m going to miss this kerfuffle, really, I am. As you know, Michelle Beadle is headed to NBC Sports (we detailed the move here), and with the big announcement comes a nice little press tour. Naturally, she’s being asked about her soon-to-be former colleague, Erin Andrews. Beadle is too savvy to come out and rip Andrews, so she gets in her digs like this, to Chad Finn of the Globe:

“I’m not out there. I don’t go to events to have my picture taken. I don’t really care if my name is mentioned on a blog. It’s not my thing. I’m not going to hire a publicist or anything like that, it’s just not what I’m interested in.”

So does this mean Andrews won’t be dropping by the SportsNation set next week when Beadle bids the network bon voyage? Also, still no word on the Erin Andrews contract extension. But it’ll get done. By all accounts, she’s not going anywhere.

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Michelle Beadle has room to grow at NBC [Boston Globe]

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