Roundup: Times-Picayune to Publish Three Days a Week, Jim Brown is Still Crabby & Watch a Man Flip Out in the Back Seat of a Police Car

Olivia Munn … fast food sizes have gone up a little in the last 60 years … the Milwaukee Police department is a mess … Ohio, ya’ll: “Man Ticketed for Dropping Money on the Ground” … great photo of bear falling out of a tree after being hit with a tranquilizer … sad story out of Florida … very good read on the Facebook IPO … this journalist landed on his feet … writer leaves SI.com for Liverpool’s front office … 33 years later, man confesses to kidnapping and killing little boy … they’re still looking for Bigfoot? … if you’ve got some time to kill, listen to this guy leave messages on someone’s voicemail after taking an ambien

The Cubs are tied with the Twins for the worst record in baseball. Rebuilding! [Tribune]

Jim Brown was once a great running back – now he’s just a crabby old man. [ESPN Cleveland]

Ivan Nova’s path to the Yankees. [ESPN]

Why was Debby Jennings forced out of the Tennessee athletic department? [News Sentinel]

South Carolina congressional candidate arrested for drunk driving with co-ed in the car. [The State]

A slew of very firm denials about the Yankees being for sale. [NYT]

If you haven’t read anything about Todd Marinovich in awhile, this is quite good. [OC Weekly]

Mark Bradley thinks the ACC is not in any trouble. Keep telling yourself that, Mark. [AJC]

Where have all the great offensive catchers gone? [Fox Sports]

Very good read here about Bear Bryant’s former driver. [ESPN]

Here’s more on the Times-Picayune going from daily to 3-days a week. [Esquire]

This doctor going ballistic in the back of a cop car is moderately terrifying, beginning with the blood. [via Adam]

This trick shot video is supposed to be funny, guys.

Great Gatsby looks pretty great.

The folks at the Staples Center – plus Craig Sager – did a rendition of Call Me Maybe. [via Hot Clicks]

Political fight!

Because you want to see it first!

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