Jessica Ennis, a Miniature English Track & Field Athlete, Accused of Being "Fat" and Carrying "Too Much Weight"

This is Jessica Ennis, an English Olympian who will be competing in the heptathlon this summer. She’s 5′ 5″ and weights 9 stone – or approximately 126 pounds. Still, by UK standards, apparently she could stand to loose a couple pounds. Huh? From the Daily Mail:

Yesterday a senior UK Athletics official asserted that the 2012 heptathlon hopeful was ‘fat’ and carrying ‘too much weight’.

The comments came as it emerged Miss Ennis’s teammate, Louise Hazel, has also been told she’s too heavy.

Miss Ennis, a 26-year-old Sheffield-born athlete who has been described as the Poster Girl of the London Olympics, weighs nine stone and is 5ft5in tall.

However, her 45-year-old coach Toni Minichiello, who has trained her since she was 11, revealed a ‘high ranking person’ within UK Athletics had made the deeply disparaging remarks about Miss Ennis.

The only explanation for this is that this official developed a crush on a track athlete and got denied. Then he started saying that all these toned women were fat. Either that or the official is a very jealous woman.

Update: She won the gold medal in the heptathlon.


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