LeBron Laughs, LeBron Dominates, Heat Hammer Celtics in Game One of JV Conference Finals

Heat 93, Celtics 79 can be summed up quickly in this video: D Wade (22 points) drives and scores. Then Boston had a shot blocked (Miami had 11 for the game; the Celtics just one), and at the other end LeBron (32 points) attacked the basket, got hammered by KG, and at the :50 mark, let out a big laugh, followed by ‘YEAAAAAAAA’ three times. Garnett stands there, hands on hips, powerless.

Boston’s got no chance.

Who needs a supporting cast – Miami missed 20 of 25 three-point attempts, including Chalmers and Battier going 2-for-15 – when you’ve got the best 1-2 punch in the NBA? I think the last time Chris Bosh’s name was mentioned was after Miami’s game three loss to Indiana. The Heat are 4-0 since with wins by 8, 32, 12 and 14. Average margin of victory since the “Trade Wade?” talk: 16.5.

Paul Pierce’s postseason struggles continued – 5-of-18 shooting and for just the second time in the playoffs, he didn’t get to the foul line – and Ray Allen (1-of-7 in 38 minutes) was atrocious. Power forward Brandon Bass collected two rebounds in 34 minutes. Good luck finding anyone on the bench who wants to take a shot.

Now can Scott Brooks get his act together so we can see LeBron vs. Durant in the Finals? Please?

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