Roundup: Grandma's Skydiving Scare, the Best Marriage Proposal & LeBron and Wade Know Fashion

Cheryl Cole … a fantastic marriage proposalJenna Jameson got a DUI … great story about a squatter/entrepreneur … “Colorado Springs man shot and killed while looking at guns” … that’s a pretty large great white shark … can I interest you in a documentary about the Gold Dust Lounge? … Gary Bettman thinks the NHL “owns” New Year’s Day … “Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He’s a Woman” … really sad story about the death of a prominent young writer … “Naked man killed by Police … was ‘eating’ face off victim” … why would you want your genitals in the yearbook? … if you’re curious about Mark Zuckerberg’s wife … what’s happening to all the frogs and turtles? … talking to randoms in a stadium parking lot seems ill-advisedmenacing Tiger Shrimp! …

Wade and LeBron know their fashion. [Palm Beach Post]

Baseball fans from the 80s will enjoy this Bob Ojeda story. [NYT]

“Charles Eric Waugh, 31, is jailed in Kentucky for breaking probation by using Twitter to contact an Ohio State recruit.” Report goes to jail to visit Mr. Waugh. [Dispatch]

Roscoe Smith is transferring from UConn to UNLV. The power forward may be eligible to play this year because the Huskies are ineligible to play in the NCAA tournament. [Weekly Seven]

Michigan football players are working out with Navy SEALS. [Freep]

Ed Wesley, the best returning running back TCU has, left the team for family reasons. [Star Telegram]

Good read on the son of former NBA coach (and current radio announcer) Dr. Jack Ramsey. [Buffalo News]

Meet the 6-year-old who will compete in the National Spelling Bee this week. [Wash Post]

Why the Brewers need to spend money to win games – the fans. [Journal Sentinel]

TV spoilers and twitter. [Bad Ass Digest]

Eight months after the death of her husband, Dan, Susie Wheldon went to the Indianapolis 500. [AP]

An editor’s wife, a spa business, prostitution and the sheriff’s drug unit. [Times Union]

Football coaches are crazy! [GQ]

Grandma has second thoughts about jumping out of a plane. Around the :40 mark, you can see why. She did survive, though.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss this Rex Ryan cameo in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie.

Six weeks old, but still fantastic. This guy’s got talent! [via Nick]

This is what Hollywood looked like by helicopter in 1958.

Three months old, but if you haven’t seen it before …

Because you want to see it first!

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