The Woman In Aroldis Chapman's Hotel Room Was Questioned For Nearly Ten Hours By Police

The woman who was found tied up with cloth napkins in Aroldis Chapman’s Pittsburgh hotel room after his room was robbed has, somewhat predictably, come under scrutiny with the local police. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the woman, identified as 26-year old Claudia Manrique of Silver Spring, Maryland, was questioned by police at two different locations for nearly 10 hours yesterday, though no charges have been filed and she was released.

The Colombian woman was released to someone identified by police as her husband. Aroldis Chapman reportedly told police that the two had met in the Baltimore area and began dating recently. (A little investigative reporting reveals that the Reds last played in the area against the Nationals from April 12 to 15). The value of the items stolen from Aroldis Chapman totaled approximately $6,000.

The hotel director of marketing said that the William Penn has stringent security measures, and that security increases when teams stay there, including foot patrols of security officers and video surveillance. Detectives are reviewing the hotel surveillance footage.

This one sounded fishy from the start, and now she reportedly has been dating Chapman and travels to a road destination, yet her husband arrived to pick her up? We probably haven’t heard the last of this story, and Chapman better be a little more careful with who he associates.

From the Post-Gazette story, Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said:

“You need to be smart. You need to know who is in your posse if you have one,” Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said he tells his players regarding safety when they are on the road. “You need to be aware of the situations you’re putting yourself into, the personnel that you’re spending time with.”

[h/t: @CuriousGeorger, photo via Pittsburgh.cbslocal.com]

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