Roundup: John Edwards Not Guilty, Snighda Nandipati is Your Spelling Bee Champ, and Justin Bieber Gets Knocked Out

Mariana and Camila Davalos, courtesy commenter PLStabbinKabin . . . Snighda Nandipati of San Diego wins the Scripps National Spelling Bee on the word “guetapens” . . . John Edwards not guilty on one count of campaign finance fraud, mistrial on other counts . . . The Zombie-ocalypse is upon us, first Florida, now Maryland . . . Tom Cruise is the same age as Wilford Brimley was when he starred in Cocoon . . . Florida’s Election Law Struck Down in Part by Federal Judge . . . Leonardo DiCaprio could have been David Hasselhoff’s son on Bay watch . . . Justin Bieber gets a concussion after running into wall of glass backstage . . . Rihanna wants Cheryl Cole . . . Woman sues county because deputy stopped her from breastfeeding . . . Jack Del Rio’s son Luke will be chopping wood at Oklahoma State as a quarterback . . . Massachusetts Senatorial candidates Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren face off over her Native American heritage  . . . Motorcyclist was going 193 mph, in the rain . . . CNN hits twenty year monthly rating low . . .


John Isner played another long match in a major, losing 18-16 in the fifth set to Paul-Henri Mathieu [NY Daily News]

A Mississippi school has agreed to stop handcuffing students [Reuters]

Kordell Stewart is retiring, y’all. I would also like to formally announce my retirement from the NFL. [LA Times]

Maxim interviewed the makers and stars of the Wire. No word on who their favorite characters from the Avengers were. [Maxim]

The homages to retiring Red Wings star Nicklas Lidstrom continue [Winging It In Motown]

Secret Service Agent in North Carolina goes on a road rage, gets put on leave [TPM Livewire]

Ray Ratto thinks Jim Harbaugh wasted a lie when he claimed the 49ers were not flirting with Peyton Manning [CSNBayArea.com]

Bronski the therapy dog helps crime victims [msnbc]

Adrian Wojnarowski talks about whispers within the league after the league-owned New Orleans Hornets got the #1 overall pick [Yahoo]

Taylor Morris lost all of his limbs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and The Chive is raising money so he can buy his dream cabin [thechive.com]

Wait, didn’t Darrelle Revis just get a lot of money? [nfl.com]

Reporters will be allowed to live tweet during the Sandusky trial [Poynter]

Russian Road Rage


Two girls steal money from Girl Scouts, show no remorse, make me want to commit Russian road rage (h/t: BroBible)

In the list of bad television spinoff ideas, this has to rate near the top.

Bar Rafaeli talks about underwear

It’s June, the Euro Championships are a week away, so here’s the 1988 highlights with Holland winning their only title.

Or perhaps you would rather see an elephant playing football

London Homesick Blues, live from a vintage year (1974)

Finally, in honor of Clint Eastwood’s 82nd birthday, a look back at his best movie. I’m speaking of course of Firefox.

[photo via Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks]

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