Bobby Petrino's Junk is Being Auctioned Off

If you can’t afford Bobby Petrino’s house, or didn’t put in a high enough bid for his motorcycle, you can still try to acquire his golf clubs or perhaps an old Atlanta Falcons jacket he used to rock when he coached in the NFL for a minute.

Multiple sets of golf clubs, luggage and other items advertised as belonging to former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino are being auctioned off at Goodwill in Springdale.

I’ve never heard of buying used luggage, not even that of someone marginally famous. Is Petrino downsizing or legitimately desperate to pay legal bills? I’m still waiting for Petrino’s tearful sitdown with someone at ESPN. Tom Rinaldi has to land that, right? [Arkansas Sports 360]

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Because you want to see it first!

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