Detroit's Inept Security Allowed Fan to Approach Nick Swisher on the Field

An overexcited fan ran onto the field at Comerica Park during the ninth inning of the Tigers-Yankees game Sunday afternoon and had enough time during his impromptu stroll to approach right fielder Nick Swisher for a fist-bump.

The poorly dressed gentleman even managed to make his way to second base where he supposedly asked Robinson Cano if he could have his glove. The request was naturally rebuffed, and it was there where the fool was finally tackled by bumbling Detroit security.

Swisher, of course, had the expected laid back reaction when asked why he engaged the fan with a bro tap:

“Well … He’s going to jail, so why not?”

That’s thoughtful of the Yankees affable right fielder, but he might not be offering up such a lighthearted take had the Detroit buffoon offered up a flying dropkick rather than a brotastic fist-bump.

Both Joe Girardi and Mark Teixeira were critical of stadium security for the slow reaction, citing that most stadium security teams have similar incidents wrapped up within a matter of seconds.

Uglier than the Tigers security team — and that’s pretty difficult to do — may have been Justin Verlander, who has lost three straight for the first time since 2008. He went 6-1/3 innings, allowing nine hits, five runs (including two homers) and walking four. Wow, now that’s a mess.

The disappointing Tigers are in third place and sit four games below .500.

[Photo via NJ.com]

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