Jasmyn "Jazz" Wilkins - Daughter of Former NBA Player Gerald Wilkins - Was the 4th Runner Up in the Miss USA Contest

She’s the niece of Dominique Wilkins, the daughter of Gerald Wilkins, and the youngster sister of Damien Wilkins (who played for the Detroit Pistons last season but is about to become a free agent). Jasmyn is 22, represented Georgia in the competition, and is currently a nursing student at Georgia State University. As you might expect, Jasmyn excelled in sports at high school, but not quite like her younger sister, who is going to Furman on a basketball scholarship. Where’d the nickname come from?

Miss Wilkins, who is nicknamed Jazz because she was a saxophonist in her prep school’s orchestra and marching band …

Damien Wilkins’ phone probably blew up last night once his teammates caught a glimpse.

Because you want to see it first!

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