Heat - Celtics Game 5: Will the Referees Let the Players Decide the Series?

The home team has won all four games. The referees have been the main story the entire time. In the first two games in Miami, the calls seemed to skew in the direction of the Heat and fans were calling the series fixed. (People are dumb.)

Game 3 of course went to the Celtics and game 4 was an officiating abomination that saw Paul Pierce and LeBron James foul out. Questionable calls went both ways and no one was happy. Still, the Celtics withstood two Miami comebacks to tie the series.One of these two teams will win an intense game 5 tonight.

Now we shift back to Miami for Game 5. LeBron has averaged 32 points, 9 rebounds and 4.5 assists in the series, but people still scream that he is an unclutch hackfraud from Chokestown, Ohio. Dwyane Wade’s shooting has slipped every game (hopefully) bottoming out with a 7-22 performance in Game 4 that included the missed three at the final buzzer.

For Boston is has been the Rajon Rondo show. Winner probably sees the best performance tonight. Unless the refs decide to get involved. Again.


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