Jerry Sandusky's Jury is a Joke - One Juror is a Penn State Senior Who Works for a Penn State Sports Facility

Nine jurors have been selected for the Jerry Sandusky trial. They need 12 and four alternates, and the trial will begin Monday. One juror stood out – a rising Penn State senior who works for “a Penn State sports facility.” You’ll probably be hearing a lot about him in the coming days. Here are a few tweets describing the young man:

#psu student played for coach in Clinton county who #Sandusky volunteered for. Juror also works for athletics at #psu cousin played fb – Sara Ganim

One Sandusky juror, a 21yo student, wore a Penn State archery shirt to court – Dan Wetzel

Juror 7’s cousin played for Penn State football but not while #Sandusky was there. The defense tried to strike for cause. Judge turned down – ABC 27

The 7th juror is a Penn State senior. He was wearing a Penn State archery tshirt. He works for a Penn State sports facility. – ABC 27

[UPDATE: Here is a list of all the jurors.]

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