Roundup: USC Receiver Survives Bite From Brown Recluse Spider, LA Kings One Win From Stanley Cup & Nicki Minaj vs. Funkmaster Flex

Ciara … “Artist turns his dead pet into flying helicopter after it is killed by a car” … Canadian psycho killer/porn actor to appear in court … the NYT intern who covered Johan Santana’s no-hitter … here’s a fantastic commencement speech by a terrific writer … poisonous spiders invade Indian town, kill two … Vince Vaughn is selling his Chicago penthouse … careless parent leaves kid on top the car and drives off … this is a very Florida thing … terribly sad story about a 7-year-old’s suicide … here’s Nicki Minaj going off on Funk Flex … “Carjacking suspect arrested on prom night, girlfriend not happy” … don’t apply sunscreen and then light the grill

USC receiver George Farmer was bitten by a brown recluse spider, but will survive. [USC Report]

Jarrod Parker of the A’s has had a fantastic three-game stretch, and he nearly no-hit the Rangers Monday. [Chronicle]

Was Tim Sullivan let go from the Tribune because of a tiff with his new CEO? [Sherman Report]

And here’s more on Tim Sullivan’s departure. [Romenesko]

A neat oral history of the 1993 LA Kings. [ESPN LA]

This is why Indian Americans dominate the Spelling Bee, aka, “The Desi Hunger Games.” [WSJ]

Kings 4, Devils 0. LA leads the series 3-0. Say goodnight, New Jersey. [LA Times]

Great story of the Robert Morris football coach surviving a scary ATV accident. [Post-Gazette]

“Within 20 feet of the finish line, Arden McMath, a sophomore from Arlington High School, collapsed in front of Vogel. Rather than run by her, Vogel helped McMath to her feet and helped her across the finish line.” [Springfield News Sun]

Good primer on the upcoming Jerry Sandusky trial. [SI]

Yes, this is a dangerous prank. Admit it – you would have run, too. You see how big the basketball players were that bolted?

Venice in a Day. [via Amy Nelson]

Someone with talent (and a lot of time on their hands) stitched together enough clips to make Barack Obama sing “Call Me Maybe.”

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