Did You Miss Dwyane Wade's Epic Tantrum Too?

I completely missed this in all the excitement last night. While you can see the Paul Pierce and Ray Allen turning to look at the official in this gif, I’m just going to assume that Rajon Rondo is at the other end scoring an easy layup while Dwyane Wade throws a fit on the baseline after not getting a call. All I can really say about this is, Good job! Good effort! To be fair to D-Wade, we don’t know know if this was really in reaction to a call or if Gabrielle Union shouted down from the stands to say that she wasn’t going to take him out for ice cream after the game.

Update: This was apparently a celebration. Downgrade this from “tantrum” to “Big Baby Davis drunken seal impression.”

Update 2: Lots of people confirming it was a tantrum. Either way it was not a good job, nor was it good effort.

[@cjzero via @19jms]

Because you want to see it first!

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