It's Good to Have Family Members in High Places, Media Version [UPDATE]

MLB draft coverage for the Mets focused on their 1st round pick, their 2nd round pick, and their 4th round pick from Hawaii. Everyone else got lumped into this “Day 2” story and received a small paragraph. Except for their 13th round pick, who curiously was the subject of a lengthy feature. Is it because their 13th round pick, Matthew Bowman, is the nephew of MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman? In the MLB.com story, there’s no mention of Bob.

Writes a tipster:

I’m told that all MLB.com writers were alerted to the potential of Bowman being drafted a couple days ago and told that whichever team took him, that beat writer would have to write a separate story on it. Someone asked if they should identify the fact that he’s the CEO’s nephew and they were told emphatically not to.

Another source confirms the tipster’s account, but as you can imagine, writers at MLB.com do not want to get dragged into this.

[UPDATE: Jim Romenesko spoke with MLB.com, which gave him this response. “In this situation, we had a kid get drafted out of the Ivy League, the first Princeton player drafted by the Mets, and I found that compelling. Bob [Bowman] knew nothing about the assignment. …There was no directive to the reporter to remove Bob’s name. I removed it. I didn’t see any connection with him being drafted.”]

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