Did Monta Ellis Text a Photo of His Penis to a Golden State Warriors' Employee?

We’ll never know. The case was settled out of court recently. But it sure sounds like he might have. From the Mercury News:

In her lawsuit filed last December, [Erika] Smith said she was fired from the team after she refused a financial settlement that was offered to her after it was revealed to team owners and executives that she had an ongoing relationship with Ellis. She has denied having a personal relationship with Ellis.

At the time, Boltuch accused the organization of attempting to cover up the incident and chastised team owner Lacob for creating an atmosphere within the organization that was offensive to women.

The team responded in December saying that the lawsuit was baseless and accused Smith of simply trying to win money from the team with false accusations.

Ellis got “busted” the old fashioned way – his wife found the Bat Phone but then made a move straight out of a predictable movie script – she accused Smith of stalking her husband. Then, Monta’s wife called Smith and accused her of having an affair with Golden State’s leading scorer. Amazingly, a week later, Smith was admonished by the team for texting Ellis off hours. The Warriors offered her money to resign. She passed, but then this happened:

Smith said in the lawsuit that she refused and was fired several months later after she notified team management that a reporter had called her asking questions about the text messages.

Interestingly, the team settled out of court with Smith after Ellis was traded to Milwaukee in March. Stand by your man … until he’s out of town and you don’t have to defend him anymore.



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