North Carolina Football Players Took Classes That Don't Totally Exist

If you are a prospective college athlete and you don’t want to go to classes, North Carolina might be the University for you! Take the summer of 2011 for example. According to the The News & Observer, academic advisers helped sign 18 North Carolina football players and one former player enroll in AFAM 280: Blacks in North Carolina. The class had no instruction. That is just the beginning.

Other records show that football and basketball players made up a majority of the enrollments of nine particularly suspect classes in which the professors listed as instructors have denied involvement, and have claimed that signatures were forged on records related to them.

Well, that sounds like an awesome major.

The new information is more evidence that student athletes, particularly football players, were being steered to classes that university officials now say are evidence of academic fraud because there was little or no instruction. An internal review found 54 such classes, and said all but nine of them were taught by Julius Nyang’oro, the longtime chairman of the African and Afro-American Studies Department. In each case, students were given an assignment such as a term paper and told to turn it in at the end of the semester.

Now we just wait to see who was involved (Any members of the 2009 NCAA championship basketball team?) and just how long North Carolina  student athletes have been enrolling in dummy classes. (Any members of the 2005 NCAA championship basketball team?)

[The News & Observer]

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