Jerry Sandusky Trial: Mike McQueary Took The Stand, Described Hearing "Skin on Skin Slapping Sound"

Mike McQueary took the witness stand in the criminal trial against Jerry Sandusky today to describe what he witnessed a decade ago. Other than changing the date from Spring of 2002 to 2001, as was amended before trial, McQueary’s testimony was similar to his grand jury testimony.

He described returning to the athletic facility during the evening, when he heard  a “skin on skin smacking sound” and then looking over his right shoulder from the locker room toward the shower room, through a 45-degree angle mirror, saw Jerry Sandusky behind a boy propped up against the shower wall. McQueary testified that it was more than his brain could handle, and he immediately called his father. McQueary also testified that he made sure that Paterno knew what he saw was sexual.

Accuser No. 1, the boy whose allegations in 2008 began the process of investigating Sandusky, also provided graphic and emotional testimony about the abuse he suffered from Jerry Sandusky.

The cross examination of McQueary by Sandusky’s defense team is currently ongoing. They are challenging McQueary on his prior inconsistencies as well as not intervening if he really saw something sexual between Sandusky and a boy.

Courtesy Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post:

attorney: “You left an adult man & a boy in a locker room where you say you saw them in a sexual position?”

McQueary: Yes.

[photo via US Presswire]

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