New Evidence Sounds Damning For Penn State Officials in Sandusky Perjury Case

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office reportedly has filed new evidence obtained from Penn State that strongly contradicts the Grand Jury testimony of former VP Gary Schultz and former AD Tim Curley. The two men are on trial for perjury.

According to KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, Schultz “created, maintained and possessed” a file on Sandusky’s alleged incidents of sexual abuse. E-mails released by Penn State also show Schultz, Curley and former Penn State President Graham Spanier knew about an the alleged incident in 2001. The documents purportedly “indicate Schultz told so many lies in his Grand Jury testimony that it was impossible to respond to each and every one of them.”

An NBC report also claims emails between Spanier and Schultz suggest it would be “humane,” to Sandusky, not to report the incident to authorities and could lead to further charges.

How could you send something like that over public emails? They weren’t public. Pennsylvania had “one of the most restrictive open records laws” in the country at the time. When Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law was rewritten in 2008, Penn State, as well as the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University and Lincoln University, received an exemption.

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