Angry Birds and the Philadelphia Eagles, Together At Last

The Philadelphia Eagles are teaming up with the creators of Angry birds for… some reason. According to the Wall Street Journal, the partnership will include a new game, social media integration and other resume buzzwords.

For instance, according to the team, if defensive lineman Trent Cole sacks New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the stadium’s video board will dump the traditional sack animation for a new one–an animation in which Angry Birds character “Big Brother Bird” Terence knocks Manning over. In short, for Angry Bird-addicted football fans, there will be no escaping your thumb-hurting vice this fall.

Partnerships with other bird-based sports franchises are not out of the question. It will be interesting to see if other video games look for professional sports relationships. I’m sure there are plenty of jokes to be made, but I’m still trying to figure out what life means now that I know cartoon Andy Reid exists.

Because you want to see it first!

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