Jim Rome Asked David Stern About the NBA Lottery Being Fixed and Stern Responded, "Have you stopped beating your wife?" [UPDATE: Audio]

David Stern is sick of being asked about whether or not the NBA draft lottery is rigged.

It’s a legitimate question, of course – more than a handful of people I’ve talked to asked, “hmmm, wonder if Benson agreed to buy the hapless, talentless Hornets under the agreement that Stern deliver him a franchise player who could stir fan interest?” – but the NBA commish has had enough with the questions.

Undaunted, Jim Rome asked Stern about the lottery this afternoon. In a mocking tone, Stern shot back, “have you stopped beating your wife?” as if to say that’s how much credibility the question has. It doesn’t appear as if Rome has ever had any such incident. The 1985 draft, though … conspiracy theories linger.

We’ll post the audio as soon as it is available.

[UPDATE: Here’s the audio. Great exchange.]

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