The New York Mets Have a Lot of Nerve Appealing R.A. Dickey's One-Hitter

R.A. Dickey threw a one-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday. The lone hit was an infield single that David Wright failed to field cleanly with his bare hand in the first inning. The Mets think it should have been called an error and Dickey should be credited with a no-hitter. Seriously. From ESPN New York:

“We’re probably not going to win it,” Collins said. “David tried to make it. It’s B.J. running. But what the heck? What have you got to lose except to have somebody say no? You’ve got an All-Star third baseman who comes in and tries to make a play.”

I know it is a formality and the Mets admitted as much. Having said that … what the fuck, New York? Just two weeks ago Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in franchise history. The thing is, everyone knows it wasn’t a real no-hitter. Carlos Beltran hit the chalk in the sixth inning. That’s a hit, my friends.

After a lucky break like that, where do the Mets get off asking for an appeal on this? Not only should Major League Baseball uphold the call on last night’s infield single, but they should also take away Santana’s no-hitter. If the Mets want to start reversing calls in 8-run games, let’s do it! Let’s go all the way.

When Santana threw that “no-hitter” I thought maybe the Mets were in for a magical season. Now they’re pulling this bush league garbage two weeks later? Quite frankly, it’s disgusting. What the New York Mets are doing this season is devaluing no-hitters. They’re pissing on the baseball Gods and asking for a rain delay. Well, I won’t stand for it and neither should Major League Baseball.

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