Artie Lange Went on Joe Buck's HBO Show and Ripped Him Three Years Ago Today

Ah, memories. What has happened since? Lange left the Howard Stern show for rehab, and now co-hosts a nightly radio show. Buck has a sardonic and infrequently updated twitter feed that at times can be disorienting, considering his dull demeanor announcing NFL games. Jason Sudeikis was in two must-see comedies that have propelled him to stardom: Horrible Bosses and Hall Pass. (If you haven’t seen them, hit Redbox on your way home.) Also, he dates Olivia Wilde.

The good stuff begins at 1:25 when Lange goes in on Buck for saying TMZ is his favorite website. It gets uncomfortable around 3:10 when Buck tries to transition from Lange to … anything, and Lange calls him out.

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[H/T: Cartmaniak]

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