Dustin Pedroia Will Defend Bryce Harper's Honor When He Gets to Toronto

Earlier this week a reporter in Toronto asked Bryce Harper what his favorite beer was. Harper responded with the meme-worthy, “That’s a clown question, bro.” While the answer was silly and memorable, what positive motive could you have to ask a gotcha! question to a 19-year-old Mormon athlete? One person who took personal exception to the question is Red Sox second baseman, Dustin Pedroia. From ESPN:

Pedroia said he knew the identity of the reporter who asked the question and said he planned to “blow him up” when the team visits Toronto for three games beginning Sept. 14.

In Pedroia’s opinion, Harper handled himself well.

“Poor kid,” Pedroia said of Harper on Wednesday. “I would have said [expletive] you, I’m 19.”

Um… OK. I think if we’re going to be offended, it should probably be because he’s Mormon and not because he’s 19. You can drink in Toronto at that age. Crossing the Canadian border doesn’t change your religion. Either way, this has to be a guy that Pedroia has disliked dealing with in the past.


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