Justin Tuck's New Facemask Likely to Scare Young Children

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck has grown increasingly tired of opposing players sticking their fingers in his facemask and yanking, so he did what any sensible guy would do and had the team equipment manager sketch out a terrifying design and send it off to the Schutt Sports to be built. The only concern with the new look was just how much weight it might add to the helmet, but the manufacturer used titanium, eliminating any such concern. Here’s Tuck:

“Everybody is like, ‘Can I get that facemask?’ No, it’s exclusive to me, no one else can have it. But it’s a copycat league in everything people do so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few of those floating around before we play.”

Tuck’s right. It won’t be long before half the league looks like Predator disciples, and we’ll all be better for it as the players will at least look fierce even though they’re no longer allowed to play fierce.

Note: The first person to make the already overdone “Hello Clarice” joke gets a Homie the Clown sock to the sack.

[Photos via US Presswire, Uni Watch]


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