Man Kills Former Classmate 50+ Years After Getting a Jock Strap Placed on His Head

Carl Ericsson is 73-years-old, and he was recently sentenced to life in prison. Why? Because one day in January of this year, Ericsson decided to exact revenge on a former high school classmate. So Ericsson rang the man’s doorbell, asked him his name, and then shot him to death. What prompted the shooting?

The startling answer, a prosecutor said Friday, was a 1950s locker room humiliation that festered in Ericsson’s mind for a half-century.

“He said that a jockstrap was put on his head,” Kenneth Meyer said. “It’s the only thing he’s ever mentioned in talking to law enforcement.”

Ericsson, who a psychiatrist said suffered from anxiety and depression for years, last month pleaded guilty but mentally ill to second-degree murder in the death of Norman Johnson.

Only in South Dakota. Well, until Hollywood turns this tragedy into a movie. [AP]

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