Penn State Trustee Accuses Spanier, Top Penn State Officials of Sandusky "Coverup"

Damaging evidence against top Penn State officials was released earlier this week. Now, Penn State trustee Keith Masser, speaking for himself and not the entire board, believes there was an active coverup of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse of children, involving former president Graham Spanier and others.

When the board of trustees ousted Spanier on Nov. 9, four days after Sandusky’s arrest, it was “because we didn’t have confidence in his ability to lead us through this crisis,” Masser said. “We had no idea (at the time) he would be involved in a cover-up.”

Masser stressed he was speaking for himself and not the board at large, and said he wants to be careful not to draw premature conclusions. But he said it now appears like “top administration officials and top athletic officials were involved in making the decision to not inform the proper authorities.”

Covering up a problem normally exacerbates it. Things will get worse, not better for Penn State after the initial Sandusky verdict. Schultz and Curley have yet to go to trial for perjury. The recent evidence could lead to further charges. The school is also facing a potentially massive civil liability and a battle to have its insurance company cover it.

The football program that appears to have been so callously protected during this scandal, likely will end up being the segment of the university least affected.

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