David Nalbandian Disqualified From Queen's Cup Tennis Final After Injuring Line Judge

Argentine tennis player David Nalbanadian was disqualified from the Queen’s Cup Final after injuring a line judge when he kicked an advertising board in frustration. The advertising board was about 5 inches from the line judge.  Nalbandian did not think he should have been disqualified for “a mistake” and blamed “pressure from the ATP to play a lot of tournaments.”

“Sometimes you get very frustrated on court and it’s tough to control that, and sometimes I do a mistake. So it’s very tough to end a final like that,” he said. “But sometimes we feel so much pressure from the ATP to play a lot of tournaments. They don’t do anything (for) us, and today I do a mistake and I have to pay like that.

By rule, any violent act results in disqualification.

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