Sandusky Trial: Former Penn State Coaches Testify They Also Showered With Boys

The Jerry Sandusky trial is going just great. Thanks for asking. On Monday, former Penn State assistant football coaches Booker T. Brooks and Richard “Dick” Anderson both testified for the defense. They too admitted to showering with boys, but in an appropriate manner. Via StateCollege.com:

During cross-examination, Anderson said he used to see Sandusky bring boys into the Lasch Football Building shower. When asked if he personally ever showered with boys, Anderson said yes – but that was at the local YMCA, where many people would occupy the showers at any given time and in the Penn State locker room showers, though he was never alone with one. Coaches were in and out of the showers when Sandusky was in there with boys, Anderson said.

So the Penn State coaching staff was showering with boys all over town. It was just one weird locker room culture. Now Brooks:

Brooks also testified that showering with boys was a normal occurrence, both when he was a boy and as a coach.

Brooks told the court he brings his granddaughter to the local Y.M.C.A, and, as she is not old enough to be alone in a locker room, he takes her in with him.

“We go in and we shower and I put dry clothes on her,” he said.

During cross-examination, Brooks said he would consider bear hugging a child while naked in the shower to be inappropriate contact before adding “only if that were the case.”

I’ll give Penn State this – they have employed some fiercely loyal people. Stupid, but definitely loyal. [StateCollege]

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