Jerry Sandusky Trial: Dorothy Sandusky Will Testify, According to a Report

The Sandusky defense got off to a rolling start, with former Penn State coaches asserting it was perfectly normal for elderly men to shower with kids. Things could get even more interesting, should the defense opt to call Sandusky’s wife Dorothy to testify in his defense. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo is reporting Dorothy Sandusky will testify this afternoon. Sandusky has not attended the trial, but is featured on the potential witness list.

Mrs. Sandusky was in the house as many of the purported assaults took place, though they were in the soundproof basement.

One accuser testified last week that Sandusky once halted an assault in the basement after he heard Dorothy calling to him from upstairs.

“It was actually the one night I got a decent amount of sleep,” the man said. “She never came downstairs.”

There’s some question whether she was ignorant, she knew what was happening or protected herself beneath a shell of denial. The New York Times offers this cryptic scene from a neighbor, concerned for the Sanduskys’ safety after they had cinder blocks thrown through a window in 2001.

“I said, ‘I’m concerned for your safety and, honestly, I’m concerned for my family’s safety too,’ ” Kletchka said. “Jerry said, ‘I’m not going anywhere without Bo; Bo is all I have left.’ ”

Dorothy, he said, stood beside Sandusky. Silently.

This might be a gamble on the part of the defense, but if Sandusky’s former assistants’ shower habits and rare psychiatric disorders that just emerged were the best feet forward they may have no other option.

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